Sunday, October 20, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Blog: History in Art

History in Art

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Subject Matter:   Visual Arts/History

Grade Level:  5

Lesson Objective: Students will demonstrate the ability to identify important events in history through famous art works.  They will also
be able to identify the historical event and artist.

Subject Matter Content Standard:
Understanding the Historical Contributions and Cultural Dimensions of the Visual Arts
Students analyze the role and development of the visual arts in past and present cultures throughout the world, noting human diversity as it relates to the visual arts and artists.
Role and Development of the Visual Arts
  • 3.1 Describe how local and national art galleries and museums contribute to the conservation of art.
  • 3.2 Identify and describe various fine, traditional, and folk arts from historical periods worldwide.
Diversity of the Visual Arts
  • 3.3 Identify and compare works of art from various regions of the United States.
  • 3.4 View selected works of art from a major culture and observe changes in materials and styles over a period of time.

Technology Standard: NETS for Students:
3. Research and Information Fluency

Website Addresses Used as Resources:

1. http://
2. http://
3. http://

Student Research Questions:

1. How has history been painted in famous art works?

2. Is the art work historically correct?
3. What is your favorite artist and historical subject?
4. Are historical events captured in art painted soon after the event?
5. Do historical events influence art?
6. Are artists painting historical events today?
7. Are photos of famous events art?

Did the students access the websites and find information?  Where they able to find historical paintings?  Can they find if the events
are historically correct?  Where the students able to access the quiz?